Lighting is an essential feature of any room -- kitchen or closet, whether accent, task or functional. Over the years LED lighting is quickly becoming a standard, as the lights have become less expensive and more available - and easier to install.

“LED lighting has had a major impact in the demand and usage for lighting in cabinets and other types of furniture, on the premise that it possesses so many beneficial attributes in comparison to other light sources,” says Joey Shim, Outwater Plastics Inc. Outwate markets a wide array of LED lights.

Those other types of furniture also include organizing systems. The lower wattage of LEDs means thy run cooler. That makes them more appealing for installing in furniture.

“LED’s create far less heat, making them ideal for closet applications,” notes Shari McPeek, marketing manager, Rev-A-Shelf.

One of the most frequntly lighted components in the closet is the wardrobe clothes rod or tube. "In closets you’re not lighting the space but the clothes, which makes light color critically important," says Jeff Ratkus, lighting product manager, Hafele America. The LED light temperature can drastically alter clothing color.

With woodgrains, go with a warmer light, Ratkus recommends, and neutral lighting works best with white cabinets.

But if you’re still unsure, use a lighting designer to help you pick the best solution for your customers, he adds. Tunning LED lighting carefully is a good way to help your company differentiate itself from its competitors.

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