Stoltzfus Structures, based in Atglen, PA,  offers the “Instant Man Cave,” a wooden storage shed set up to provide the owner with the space and some of the amenities to get away, even if only to the back yard.

The pine-paneled shed is marketed as "a place at home where you can get away from all the noise, and relax while watching the game, or have the guys over for a card game, in your own space, without the interruptions that you may have become accustomed to.” Stoltzfus Structures says the instant man cave is a cheaper, less time-consuming and easier alternative to crafting your own man cave within your house.

“After a few kids, and then a bunch of stuff, here you are with no space to call your own, continually tripping over toys, and fighting for the remote to YOUR TV with a teenager who just woke up at 1:00 pm,” Stoltzfus Structures’ states. “There is only so much space in any home, and it seems like yours is the first to go. An instant man cave is the easy way to get it back.”

Finishing a basement for a man cave, or building on an addition to free up space for one, can be costly. Refinishing a basement can quickly run over $10,000, and the idea of adding an addition may be even more expensive. Stoltzfus Structures says the instant man cave can be purchased for less than $8,500 completely finished, “allowing you to spend some of your extra money on the TV to put in it.”

Standard size of the instant man cave is 12'x20', or roughly 240 square feet. The man cave can also be customized to any size the buyer would like, from as small as 8’x10’ to as large as 24’x48’. If the customer has some design ideas for the man cave, Stoltzfus Structures will put together a quote and drawings to help them envision what their man cave will look like.

Two Different Models

The standard man caves come in two different models. The base model is designed for customers looking to add the space without spending too much money. The base model man caves are left uninsulated, except for the floor, walls and ceiling, which are stud framing ready for sheetrock or paneling to be installed. The base model is perfect for the buyer wants to perform some of the work on their own, or wants to add a more custom touch to the surroundings.

The base model includes electric wiring run through, with a 70-amp breaker box, four outlets, and one switch and wire run for a customer-installed fan/light combo and coax cable installed for a TV; three insulated 24” x 36” windows with screens and shutters; a secure fiberglass house door with glass; an insulated floor with woodgrain vinyl flooring; Miratec Trim Around exterior and wood corners; and a ridge vent and vented soffits for future insulating purposes. The base model runs from $3,450 for a 10’x16’ size to $4,240 for a 12’x20’.

The deluxe model is instant, and requires no work on the customer’s part. The building is completely finished and ready to use upon delivery, with all the luxuries needed to truly enjoy the time to be spent in the man cave. The interior is completely finished and the man cave is fully insulated. The extent of work for the customer will be “choosing the TV to hang on the wall, and finding a fridge to put under your bar,” according to the company.

It includes all the features of the base model, plus an outside door light; two switches; a collapsible table; a built-in trophy stand; insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling ready for year round use; a tongue and groove pine-finished interior; and a bar with footrest dimensions. The deluxe model runs from $6,755 for a 10’x16’ size to $8,480 for a 12’x20’.

The Site of the Man Cave

Stoltzfus Structures will deliver the instant man cave by truck and trailer. The driver will back in to the site with a specially designed trailer and slide the building off into place. The company says the driver will be in and out of the site in less than an hour.

The buyer should have some stone put down for the site, roughly 2”-4" deep, and 1' wider than the shed all the way around. Stoltzfus Structures has prep workers in its local area, and is willing to help locate assistance in other areas of the country as well.

“If you are like most of us, you have often thought about what you would do with your own man cave, the memorabilia that would go in it, the TV, your trophies,” Stoltzfus Structures states. “The problem is that for many of us cost, space, talent and time have been the killer obstacles in making the dream a reality. With the instant man caves, those obstacles are no longer a problem, and you could be only weeks away from your backyard oasis.”

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