Smart Design: Cabinet Accessories to Maximize Space
October 24, 2014 | 1:45 am UTC
Smart Design: Cabinet Accessories to Maximize Space

Smart Design: Cabinet Accessories to Maximize SpaceCurrent trending of lifestyles, whether it may be empty nesters, first time home buyers or the economy, have left people with smaller spaces. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has developed a way to bring you a larger design in a smaller space keeping the organization and functionality that gives everything its own place. Many elements work together to construct a design that encompasses several ideas that not only look amazing but are very practical at the same time. Smart Design is our way of incorporating great designs for all ages in smaller spaces using technology, organization and lighting to create storage solutions that make use of every inch of space.

Smart Design is not limited to the kitchen, and with our Whole Home Design Solutions, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. can be your one stop shop for cabinetry that is cohesive throughout your home. With storage solutions designed for all rooms of the house, it is easy to resolve the problem of little storage and accessibility. We understand that the kitchen is not the only room that needs the space maximized, and with Whole Home Design Solutions, you have to ability to save space in every room.


The advances in technology have given us the opportunity to make life a little easier on you. Cooking, a lot of times, leaves you with your hands messy or full. Our touch to lift, touch to light, touch to open and touch to close features provide the solution to this mainstream problem.


Organization is key when making the most use of small spaces. We have made it simple for you to order your cabinets with the ability to maximize all space. Locating items is made easy with components such as drawer dividers, base spice rack pullout cabinets, tray dividers, and sliding shelves, just to name a few.


The right amount of lighting complements cabinets to show the true beauty of the wood while also providing the function to make things easier to see. This alone can save space because it gives you access to locate items in all areas of the cabinetry. When paired with our organizational solutions, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your cabinets.

Whole Home Design Solutions

It’s smart to save space, money and time. Our extensive product line provides solutions, both stylish and functional, that can be incorporated into any budget for every room of the home. Our many brands bring Whole Home Design Solutions full circle and make it simple to find beautiful cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in closets, reach-in closets, bedrooms, offices, fireplaces, studies, hutches, media/entertainment areas, pantries, refreshment areas, dining rooms, mud rooms, laundries, garages, kids’ areas and craft rooms.

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