European cabinet design continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. and not only are homeowners and designers taking notice, but cabinetmakers and component manufacturers are as well.

General Casework Launches Kabi Cabinetry Line

Hans Krug Opens Charlotte, NC, Showroom

The look is often glossy, sleek yet simple. In addition to the frameless cabinet style, other European trends include doors which slide horizontally as well as vertically/upward.

As the trend grows, so too are the component options and designs, including seamless edgebanding, high-gloss acrylic and metallics, as well as textured panels. Edgebanding manufacturer Doellken-Woodtape says the high-gloss surfaces are being specified not only in residential, condos in particular, but in corporate settings as well.

Cabinetmakers are responding to this growing market by expanding not only their product ranges, but also their capabilities. Examples include Denver, CO-based General Casework, which recently launched a frameless line it calls Kabi; and European producer Hans Krug, who opened a showroom in Charlotte, NC, earlier this year with plans to open additional U.S. locations.

Besides the haute couture of European design, another reason for the growing popularity of frameless cabinetry is that the prices can be more affordable, due in part to the materials used for the process. And as the economy continues to rebound, frameless cabinets will continue attracting consumers with luxury at reasonable price points.

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