The Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Show brings a variety of home remodeling ideas to life each year while showcasing innovative resources for home owners to learn more about. Displays at the 2014 show ran the gamut from kitchen, bathroom, closet, window and lighting displays to landscaping, siding, and roofing – just to name a few.

When members from the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council asked Capt’n Bob and Arlo of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio to host a program from the event, the radio hosts were bewildered.

“We’re hot rod guys and they were asking us to go to a home show!” says Capt’n Bob, who has been hosting the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Show with his friend Arlo for over seven years. “We were a little confused,” adds Arlo.

They agreed to attend, and had no idea that their live radio broadcast from the Get Your Motor Runnin’ Dream Garage would be one of the main attractions of the 52nd Annual Home Improvement Show. The hosts made plans with American Garage Builders to construct a garage from the ground up, built around housing Capt’n Bob’s 1939 Ford hot rod along with the equipment needed to create a state-of-the-art space.

The garage was outfitted with a custom interior made possible by Closet Concepts and storeWALL, two Milwaukee-based companies that create storage and organization systems to accommodate a variety of spaces. What’s more, Craftsman provided tools to truly give the look and feel of a functional garage.

“We’re gearheads, you know, so the garage is where we hang out,” says Arlo. “We were floored with how many people came past and were interested in what was going on.”

“It was a great attraction, not only the radio show, but a lot of people – men and women – were really interested in the display and how they could create the garage that was there,” says Capt’n Bob. “Garages are becoming more than just a garage these days…like Arlo said, we hang out there. They’re more like clubhouses.”

The two aren’t new to garages: the self-proclaimed gearheads have been around cars and tools since they were kids. Capt’n Bob has been working on cars as a hobby for over 35 years, and Arlo’s family owned a garage and service station while he was growing up...but he took a different path.

“I was a terrible mechanic!” laughs Arlo. “Bob is a much better mechanic than I am. I was always interested in the art side of cars, drawing cars, and my parents told me to go to art school because I was the worst mechanic.”

Capt’n Bob met Arlo at an auto show after asking if he could create artwork for Bob’s hot rod. The two quickly became friends, and began Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio a short time after as a way to unite the auto enthusiast community and announce events. That small, community-based show has grown, and now has listeners all over the world who are interested in hot rods.

“We’ve become very good friends,” says Bob. “We work well together – me on the mechanics side, Arlo on the art side.”

While the gearheads are the first to say that they aren’t auto experts, they certainly have a following and know what goes into an amazing hot rod and a great garage. Once they saw the interior construction of the Get Your Motor Runnin’ Dream Garage provided by Closet Concepts, they were pleasantly surprised by the storeWALL panels that were installed to keep the tools in place.

“When Closet Concepts started installing this stuff, we thought it was just out-of-the-box and you couldn’t change it,” says Arlo. “But this was really cool stuff, and Bob and I were taken aback.”

“What’s nice about storeWALL is that it’s a great product, it’s very durable and it’s totally customizable,” adds Bob. “It’s so easy to move stuff around and re-organize. The people who stopped by got to interact with the display, and they really liked that. Garage organization is something everyone can appreciate, and they had to re-fill the flyers a couple of times because so many people took them.”

After the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Show was over, Capt’n Bob and Arlo were able to donate the tools that Craftsman provided for the Dream Garage to BUILD Milwaukee, a non-profit community organization. BUILD is dedicated to pairing students with mentors in an effort to teach them valuable life skills while restoring vintage motorcycles.

The hosts were thrilled to be able to arrange the donation for such a good cause.

“Our community is really important to us, and being able to donate thousands of dollars of Craftsman tools to such a great organization was an honor,” says Bob.

“It’s a great way to teach kids confidence and skills,” says Arlo. “We love what we do, and we’d like to thank our listeners, our sponsors, and our wives. We hope to do it for many more years.”

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