Franchiser Closet Factory made design news in June when it announced a multi-year partnership to create a line of nationally branded garage systems and products with TEN, the publishers of Motor Trend, the car enthusiasts’ magazine.

The new line, branded Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory, replaces a previous garage product line, allowing the closet company to offer a uniform and comprehensive garage solution package nationwide.

Garage home organization products are hot right now, and are expected to rise 5.6% a year through 2017. So Closet Factory’s move falls in line with the prevailing market trends.

Homeowners are paying more attention to the garage, notes Greg Stein, president of the Los Angeles-based Closet Factory. Whether creating luxury mancaves, carving out storage space for outdoor sporting equipment, or gardening and hobbyist tools, homeowners now see their garages as extensions of the home and are looking at new ways to optimize that space.

In-house Production of Cabinets
Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory will be produced internally by Closet Factory. “We custom manufacture our cabinets in our own factories while working with homeowners to give their garage a completely finished look,” Stein says.

The partnership allows Motor Trend to offer its readers customized garage designs. “Partnering with Closet Factory is the perfect extension of the Motor Trend brand,” says Eric Schwab, executive VP, Motor Trend Automotive Group.

Motor Trend Garage is available in three cabinet lines with real metal finishes or other color and materials choices, an option to mix-and-match, and durable cabinets with updated construction. The new line reaches beyond cabinets and wall systems to include flooring, ceiling racks, wall storage devices, as well as painting and additional customized services.

To accommodate the focus on garage remodeling, Closet Factory’s garage specialists function as project managers throughout the process. These specialists go through a separate training program to allow them to handle all aspects of customized design requirements. “The training is specialized and a designer must qualify for the program,” Stein says.

Motor Trend
Motor Trend magazine, published by the Motor Trend Automotive Group, is part of TEN: The Enthusiast Network. The group is a source of special interest media in the United States, with more than 70 publications, 90 Web sites, 1,000 branded products, 65+ events, and TV and radio programs focusing automotive, sports, and lifestyle segments. Closet Factory, a Los Angeles-based franchise, was founded in 1983. Through this partnership with Motor Trend, Closet Factory offers an exclusive line of custom garage designs including mancaves, home gyms and media rooms.

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