CALW-HOLZBRONN, Germany - When Erwin Jenkner founded HOLZMA 50 years ago, he showed courage and business acumen. Two characteristics that have always paid off for Holzma. Today, the company delivers its saws to customers throughout the world and, as market leader, develops the technologies of tomorrow. 50 years of  Holzma are therefore also 50 years of innovation. 
And, as always, that is what it is all about at Holzma  Treff. From September 20 to 23, 2016, the factory will open its doors to prospective buyers, customers and sales partners daily from 9am to 5pm. Besides the latest new products revolving around the cutting process, there will also be attractive anniversary offers awaiting the visitors.
Durr, parent of Homag, will be at Holzma Treff for the first time. The company will be exhibiting products associated with paint application technology. And Brandt will be launching new airTec technology for the perfect zero joint.  

Debuting module45 – for precise bevel cuts on beam saw

The new module45 from Holzma technological innovation now allows all bevel cuts to be completed directly on a Holzma saw. It is fast, simple and angles can be adjusted continuously. The ingenious additional unit can be seen for the first time at Holzma Treff 2016 open house, a real highlight for nearly all customers, because the new module45 is available for the HPP 130, as well as for all models of the 2, 3 and 4 series.
The benefits of module45
Retrofit (depending on year of manufacture and model)
Low investment costs, high benefits
Easy one-man operation
Less waste and higher quality thanks to less transport damage as the material remains on the one machine
Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio and considerably less expensive than solutions from competitors
Fast, simple, intuitive: the new operator assistance system 
Production processes in the woodworking sector are by now networked to a high degree. Although this has increased efficiency in production tremendously, in practice it does lead to processes and tasks becoming more and more complex. The cutting process could develop into a discipline that in future only experts will be able to master. In order to prevent precisely this from happening and to ensure that production in terms of personnel costs remains competitive, HOLZMA has been developing increasingly intelligent operating systems for years now. 
Right on cue for this year's Treff, HOLZMA has achieved a major step towards the future with its latest operator assistance system. The principle behind the new development is as follows: along the cutting line there is an LED strip that, using light signals, guides the machine operator competently and dependably through the processing procedure. The operator intuitively understands what he should do next – without looking at the monitor screen and with no tedious searching or sorting. 
The operator assistance system is now available for nearly all saws of the HOLZMA 3 and 4 series.

Strictly limited: 50 anniversary saws on incredible terms

To mark its anniversary, HOLZMA will surprise visitors with a strictly limited offer: The German company says thank you with one 4 series saw (HPP 400 or HPL 400) on extra special anniversary terms for each year it has been in business. That makes 50 saws altogether – and not a single one more!
The anniversary offer starts on August 1 and ends at the latest on December 31, 2016. The offer is only valid until the 50th anniversary saw has been sold.
Make sure now of an anniversary model of your choice
HPP 400 or HPL 400
Individual configuration as required
Anniversary discount on the total package

Cut Rite: optimization continues

Efficient processes are very important for production. HOLZMA customers establish a basis for this with Cut Rite. The latest generation of this optimization software – Cut Rite V 10 – has been on the market since HOLZMA Treff 2015. The anniversary will see the launch of version 10.02, with many new enhancements that will be presented to the public for the first time at the in-house exhibition. The focus lies on communication between Cut Rite, the saw and the storage system, among other features.
Important new features in brief:
Automatic allocation of panels during the optimizing process 
Improved parameterization for robot-controlled concepts 
Even more effective nesting of small parts 
And much more
Cut Rite V 10.02 is expected to be officially available from November onwards. 
Anyone who already uses Cut Rite and has a service contract can download the update free of charge. Interested parties can obtain information from their local sales partner or directly from HOLZMA at

Specialist presentations: current practical knowledge relating to process optimization

A continuous data flow is essential for increasing efficiency in the workshop. How can this be accomplished? Experts will provide answers at HOLZMA Treff, on the first day of the exhibition – Tuesday, September 20, 2016. 
1:30 PM Craft Sector 4.0 – ready for the future with software and 
workshop organization
Speaker: Niklas Köge, HOMAG eSolution 
2:30 PM Holzconnection 4.0 – from data chaos to networked system
Speakers: Daniel Wagner, 
Denys Nagel, Holzconnection GmbH
3:30 PM Cut Rite V 10.02 – new features and enhancements
Speaker: Arne Mömesheim, HOLZMA
Important: Those interested should register for the presentations promptly. The number of participants is limited. Register by e-mail to Silke Laule at
HPS 320 flexTec: batch size 1 cutting on a grand scale
The HPS 320 flexTec, the top innovation at LIGNA 2015, can again be marveled at live and in action at HOLZMA Treff. HOLZMA has revolutionized batch size 1 production with this new development. The innovative cutting cell is purpose-designed for processing single panels and completely redefines the part flow – with fully automated processes and unlimited recuts. The HPS 320 flexTec is interesting for both the craft sector and industry.
Fully automated processes
Unlimited recuts
Highly flexible cutting pattern layout
Output: up to 1500 parts per shift
Automatic parts labeling
Automatic handling of offcuts
Extremely gentle handling of material
A video gives a fascinating insight. It shows the HPS 320 flexTec in action:
+ QR-Code Video

What else will there be to see at HOLZMA Treff?

50 years of HOLZMA is an excellent reason to celebrate – and that is exactly what company is going to do, with all its customers and visitors to HOLZMA Treff. 
In addition to the innovations and new product features presented here, visitors can also look forward to an extensive program with special anniversary offers and plenty of opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with experts. Among others, the teams from Systems + Production Lines, Software and Service will be on hand at the exhibition for this purpose. Visitors will also be able to see single saws, a saw-storage combination, current angular saw units, the HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec and plastics saws from the HOLZMA P series. 

PRACTIVE partners from the HOMAG Group 

Sister companies from the HOMAG Group will again make use of the opportunity to showcase their own range of products and services at HOLZMA Treff. The benefit for customers: all HOMAG Group machines are, from the start, perfectly coordinated and can quickly and easily be combined into complete production lines. There will again be a number of machines on show in Holzbronn. The highlights: 
BRANDT is showing no less than four machines at HOLZMA Treff – from the entry-level category to the industrial machine. A new airTec-technology for the perfect zero joint is celebrating its debut. The ideal machines for the beginning of edge processing are the Ambition 1120 FC und die Ambition 1230 airTec. The KDF 440 edition scores with full automation and the v-belt ensures full surface contact pressure and is ideally suited for processing workpieces with sensitive surfaces. As a special for users with a high requirements for automation BRANDT presents an Ambition 1650 airTec in combination with a BOOMERANG TFU 140 von HOMAG Automation. 
Further highlights in edge processing include multi-level technology and PUR processing for waterproof and heat-resistant bonding.
Two novelties of the BÜTFERING brand will also be shown at the HOLZMA Treff. Among those, the totally re-engineered SWT 200 series with more high tech and lower space requirement, shorter set-up time and improved user convenience. The extraction values of the SWT 200 are up to 35 per cent lower than those of the previous version and the machine is very easy to operate. The H head with inner chevron belt enables high-quality fine sanding and a degree of flexibility which is remarkable in this performance class. Moreover, two additional aggregate slots for post-processing are available now. Also on exhibition: the SWT 300 with powerTouch and Sanding Center for intuitive operation. The special feature: By using the Sanding Center the operator can control settings at the machine by means of touch and gesture. Operating the SWT has never been easier!
DÜRR will take part in the HOLZMA Treff exhibition for the first time this year, exhibiting products relating to all aspects of painting technology, including manual and automatic spray guns, pumps and paint walls. DÜRR products are the right solution for protective coatings (stains, penetration coatings), decoration coatings (color or transparent lacquers), fine finish coatings (e.g. pianos) and glue applications (e.g. edge gluing). No matter if it is for a professional carpenter, to give his handcrafted masterpiece a finishing touch, or for a mass production plant requiring the highest production quality for all manufactured pieces, DÜRR has the solutions you need.
HOMAG Automation will present different solutions for even more efficient processes and exactly fitting logistics from storage systems to packaging systems on the HOLZMA Treff in-house show. One of the highlights is the combination of a HOLZMA HPP 300 profiLine with the horizontal storage system TLF 211. The latter is capable to create a continuous vacuum for safe panel transport, even for material with structured surfaces. The cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 250 is comparably innovative. On the HOLZMA Treff, HOMAG Automation will present it with a new semi-automatic gluing station for gluing of several cardboards and with a 3D scanner for accurate measuring of workpieces. In addition, there are further machines, such as the corpus press MPH 410 - a press especially for the handicraft. 
With the Venture 114 WEEKE presents real freestyle CNC technology. The new safety technology makes the machine accessible from all sides (360° handling). This new concept has a positive influence on the installation area: Safety fences are not required, the machine has not to be installed close to a wall and the owner can freely choose the installation spot. In addition, the machine requires less installation space than the previous model. As a result, workpiece handling and cleaning of the machine have become easier. Another advantage: Contrary to the usually used stationary control cabinet the powerTouch operator terminal is very mobile and its position can be set more freely.
Putting into operation of the Venture 114 can be carried out within a day. The optionally available Convenience Package, which is registered for patent, is another highlight of this machine. With this package the operator can control certain functions of the Venture 114 by means of touch sensor and scanner directly at the machine body.

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