Gluing, Laminating and Veneering

Surface solutions program

Laminate Works offers a new Surface Solutions program that gives customers the ability to add the latest in material finishes, textures and patterns to their component parts. The new solutions are made possible because customers now have access to advanced technology, such as PUR lamination and laser edgebanding, required to manufacture with them. Laminate Works Surface Solutions offers curated face and edgeband materials that match in color and finish with a seamless, no glue-line edge. Currently, two solutions are available, Velour Super Matte and Cystal High Gloss.

Automatic straight edgebanders

Atlantic Machinery says Fravol RAPID Series automatic straight edgebanders are ideal for industrial applications. Models range from compact to custom, and feature touchscreens with PLC electronic controls for rapid set-ups, and patented corner rounding unit for both end trimming and corner rounding. Standard features include a pre-mill unit, edge scraping unit, glue scraping unit, two motor end-trim, Eco mode system, and a sound-proof booth with LED interior lighting. Available options include an auto-reverse glue tank, heated glue roller, IR lamp, cleaning agent spraying system, NC-controlled infeed guide, and Industry 4.0 package.

Invisible glue-line edgebanders

Ott edgebanders from NuTek Machinery offer an invisible glue-line for flawless edges. Featuring a heavy-duty machine construction and servo control for minimal setup time, the edgebanders are available with EVA and PUR glue pots, and have corner rounding speeds up to 25 meters per minute, with the capability to band 0.3 to 25mm solid wood edges. Integrated return systems for automated lines are available, along with customizable machine configurations. Industry 4.0 ready.

Invisible glue-line edgebander

NuTek Machinery offers Ott edgebanders, which the company says offer an invisible glue-line and have corner rounding speeds of up to 25 meters a minute. The edgebanders are available with EVA and PUR glue pots. Models range from the space-saving 18.5-ft long Pacific to the fully automated TopEdge with a TransEdge Panel Return/Stacking Station. Servo-controlled, the edgebanders are capable of running 0.3-25mm solid wood edges.

PUR granulates for edgebanding

Jowat introduces the first PUR hot melt granules for edgebanding with hazard-free labeling since the early 2000s, says the company. The Jowatherm-Reaktant MR series provides an extensive PUR portfolio of monomer-reduced products for a wide range of applications in the wood and furniture industry, adds the company. It can be used for bonding established edgebanding (ABS, PP, PVC, veneer, resinated paper) in a continuous operation on edgebanding machines.

Hand-crafted surface designs

Formica’s 2020 Living Impressions Collection features hand-painted marbles and watercolors, including five new 180fx laminate designs and one new Formica Laminate pattern. The additions include the Painted Marble Series of Black Painted Marble and White Painted Marble; and the Watercolor Series including Watercolor Porcelain and Watercolor Steel and Calacatta Cava. The new Formica Laminate design is Black Bardiglio. Formica said the new entries were a response to an increase in requests for handcrafted patterns, artisanally made materials and beautifully simplistic designs.

MDF designed specifically for profiled cabinet doors

Medite Ultra by Roseburg is designed for critical machining operations, such as raised panel doors, says the company. It is manufactured in Pembroke, Ontario from 100% Canadian softwood chips. The product features a highly refined, consistent surface and core, adds the company, and is suitable for machining, painting or laminating. The panels are available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ widths and up to 16’ lengths, and are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from ½” to 1”.

Veneer splicing glue

Veneer Services offers LRBG Chemicals' tapeless splicer adhesive UF-313, a melamine-fortified, internally catalyzed urea formaldehyde powder adhesive designed for the tapeless splicing of veneers with straight-through and cross-feed conventional as well as high-speed splicing machines.UF-313 is formulated for applications where durability, light color, and opacity and moderate- to high-speed operation are required. UF-313 is characterized by a large operating window, says the company, allowing application of the adhesive one day and bonding up to two days later. Glue line color can be adjusted through the addition of W-10 Whitener or BR-10 brown die, adds the company

Sine wave clipper

The Sine Wave Clipper from Veneer Services is designed to produce a clean, stress-free clip along the grain of veneer bundles, says the company. The clipper gets its name from the fact that it cuts in an oscillating motion, adds Veneer Services. Features include continuous or intermittent running, last line for cut indication, safety touch pads and safety light screens. The frame, anvil base and knife holder beam are made with stress-relieved steel.

Glue clamp

The Veneer Services Veneer Glue Clamp is used to manually clamp the veneer bundle for ideal application of veneer glue to ensure glue is only applied on the very edge and not between the sheets, says the company.