OFM's powered up Serenity Lounge Chair debuted at NeoCOn 2015.
OFM's powered up Serenity Lounge Chair debuted at NeoCOn 2015.

HOLLY SPRINGS, NC — OFM debuted this week at NeoCon 2015 a new lounge chair that comes with a built-in electric panel featuring USB ports and 110V outlets that can be used to charge a laptop, cell phone, iPad, or other electronic devices. Known as “integrated technology” within the industry, the trend is becoming increasingly popular in everyday office furniture.

“Today’s workers don’t just want to sit in their cubicle. They want to work at home, in coffee shops, and all around their workplace,” said Blake Zalcberg,  OFM's CEO. “The problem is if you want to get away from your desk you have to crawl around the floor looking for an outlet or leave the cord trailing across a hallway where people can trip on it.”

OFM’s new Serenity Series Lounge Chair solves this problem allowing anyone to sit down, plug in, and work using a built-in electrical outlet and USB port in the armrest. OFM says this integrated technology in everyday office furniture is just the beginning and that future offices will be radically different from what we see today with all kinds of informal workstations having this capability. Some will look like traditional desks and some will look nothing like it.

The Serenity Series is just one of several new OFM furniture products that have integrated technology for use in the educational market, home office, or in the workplace.

“With technology becoming more a part of our daily life and work routines, we believe this integrated technology trend in furniture will only accelerate,” says Zalcberg. “If employees want to continue working away from their desk then other furniture is going to have to give you the capabilities to plug in and recharge as well." Learn more at bit.ly/1Gjd8Eg

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