CHICAGO - After achieving its first World Series win in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs have finally achieved respect on a national scope.

But the Cubs have been surrounded by respect all along. More specifically, they’ve been sitting in it.

Jasper, Indiana-based National Office Furniture was chosen by the Cubs as part of its multi-million dollar renovation program to supply furniture and accessories for the team’s new clubhouse. The furniture manufacturer supplied the clubhouse with nearly 50 of its “Respect” chairs, in addition to barstool-style seats and conference room furniture.

The Respect chairs were tailored to fit the look the team wanted, with a deep indigo shade and the Cubs' "walking bear" logo embroidered on the back of each one.

Constructed of exterior beech with double dowel joints, Respect chairs feature a 9-ply inner, one-piece molded plywood shell that forms the seat and back of the chair. Bases are offered in two options: wood and metallic. Wood bases feature a standard five prong, rigid steel understructure.

Prior to the renovations, Cubs players sat in folding chairs. The clubhouse was also the smallest in Major League Baseball. After the renovations, it’s the second largest behind only the Yankees, and feels like a nightclub – with everything from saunas to a yoga room.

"It's so exciting," said Abby Troutman, a marketing communications specialist at National's Jasper office. "It's exciting now to be able to share that (about the project) and just be able to show how proud you are that it came from your facility. It's just cool that it's up in there, in their clubhouse."

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