Deskbloks designers call it "the world's first modular desk," and have started an Indiegogo campaign to fund it. Its fundraising seems to be off to a slow start, but the idea is very interesting.

All desk blocks are made from first grade Croatian oak.

"In our first versions we used cheap wood but soon discarded it since it proved not to be up to our desired quality level," says its designer. "We decided that from now on, we’ll only be using a good, hard wood, resistant to wear by time, weather conditions, and temperatures and chose to go with the world famous Croatian oak."The material is super strong, and it perfectly absorbs the heat from your laptop or PC."  

Head of production is Stephan, who has a degree in IT engineering and computer science. Tony is the assistant, who helps around the project. "During the production time, we usually get ideas for new blocks, but since we don’t have our own CNC machinery, we had to pay others to make them for us, which had impact on our budget and we were thus able to produce only 5 different blocks."

Each desk is easy to assemble and use, says the company. In less than five minutes you can assemble a desk made out of six bloks. It takes even less time to disassemble it and relocate.

Blocks allow users to build a desk that suits them perfectly. Its modular design allows various numbers of blocks into a fully functional desk. The blocks have: built-in USB ports, speakers, mic and headphone jacks, wireless charger for your phones, etc.

Cable management is designed in, and it reduces the need for putting additional gadgets on the desktop, taking up space.

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