An app geared toward millennials aims to disrupt the interior design and home furnishing industries.

Homee, touted as the first mobile experience that makes furnishing rooms an easy task, finds ideal furniture and furnishings for users by pairing them with an experienced interior designer.

App users start off by taking a survey with a chat bot about what their preferences are, sharing pictures of their space as well as pictures of inspiration. A designer comes on next - this time is a real human - and designs the room, selecting furniture that fits the user’s budget and style.

The personalized design can be edited by users as many times as they wish. The chat bot comes back next to receive feedback so users don’t have to tell the live designer if they don’t like it.

Once users decide on a design, they can purchase the whole room, or individual furniture pieces, just by clicking. The design service is free to the user. Homee makes its money retailer do – marking up furniture prices.

Homey got its start on Shark Tank, then known as Zoom Interiors, which offered online interior design services for a price. Zoom co-owners Madeline Fraser, Elizabeth Grover, and Beatrice Fischel-Bock received a deal from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, but parted ways when they realized they wouldn’t be working with Corcoran.

Their appearance on the show attracted the attention of Tinder CEO Sean Rad who, along with other investors, raised $7.2 million for the group. Zoom would later transform into Homee.

The app is available for iOS.

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