JEROME, Arizona - Tim McClellan, furniture maker, designer as well as founder and former owner of Western Heritage Furniture, is now the host of DIY Network's new show, Boomtown Builder, which premiered July 25. The pilot episode was filmed in Jerome, Arizona.
The concept for Boomtown Builder is a collaboration between McClellan and executive producers Fields and Son Entertainment, Studio City, California, and Steve Zahren, North Hollywood, California. “The show is about resurrecting historic homes in American boomtowns: Towns that quickly boomed in population from a flurry of mining, then busted when the resources went dry, and are now booming once more,” explains McClellan.


Reality TV led this custom shop to its first CNC

Though Western Heritage Furniture's Tim McClellan gained fame for being disqualified on HGTV's "Ellen's Design Challenge,"  he won something: learning to use a CNC machine on the show,  he ordered a Biesse Rover.

With that premise, Jerome is the perfect location to kickoff a series. Founded in 1876, the historic former copper mining town, which sits atop Cleopatra Hill, was once the fourth largest city in Arizona.

The pilot, filmed this spring, features a remodel of an early 20th century home originally built and occupied by the town’s baker. The home is now owned by Allen and Jackie Muma, the former serves as Jerome’s Chief of Police. Other locals featured in the show are Tim Elinski, general contractor and Mayor of Cottonwood, Arizona, and Brett Graham, carpenter and resident of Cottonwood, Arizona. Additionally, McClellan’s wife, Erika Roberts McClellan, worked as the design and construction assistant.
With success of the pilot episode, Boomtown Builder, will film 13 episodes in Jerome and the Verde Valley this year and become a series on the DIY Network. 
McClellan rose to reality TV fame in 2015 as the fan favorite contestant and disputed winner on Season 1 of HGTV's Ellen's Design Challenge, a furniture design competition show created by Ellen Degeneres. He has also appeared on ABC’s The Fab Life as well as the Ellen Degeneres Show.  In 2016, Tim and Erika launched their own design and fabrication brand, Tim McClellan Designs (  Additionally, Tim spends many days working on custom classic trucks he’s coined “Cowboy Customs."

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