This week I’m taking a look at Skilsaw's left blade Sidewinder circular saw, also known as the Southpaw.
I have to start by saying that it's been so long since I've reviewed a corded tool that I was almost surprised not to find a battery in the box. It’s a strange feeling to have gotten so accustomed to cordless in such a short time, but truthfully I can’t help now automatically looking for where the battery goes. 
So is there still a place for corded tools?
Skilsaw makes a strong argument for yes with this new circular saw.
The main feature (hey, it's in the name) is the left side mounted blade. While most of us have gotten used to right-sided blades, the left orientation increases right handers' visibility for lining up cuts and checking material. Anything that makes seeing my cuts easier is always a big plus for me.
This new view is a nice feature. And complimented by the solid magnesium body, for lighter weight, extended 56-degree bevel, for wider cut options, and best in class torque, for a better cutting experience, overall the Southpaw is a pretty solid tool. 
But corded? Yes, you lose the unlimited freedom of cordless, but with the 10’ cord you have a pretty large range of motion and you never have to worry about running out of batteries… Cordless is great, but for a circular saw as good as this, corded is definitely not a deal breaker. 

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