YOKOHAMA, Japan -- As car shows make their rounds across the United States featuring the latest designs and concepts, Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. showed off its latest concept -- for 'smart' office furniture -- with the "Intelligent Parking Chair", an idea inspired by its intelligent park assist technology that allows drivers to easily park their vehicles using automatic steering.

The "Intelligent Parking Chair" is a unique chair that automatically moves to a set position. The chair includes a roller to automatically move 360 degrees paired with a system that indicates the target position. Four cameras placed on the room's ceiling generate a bird's-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chair's position and its route to destination.

This new technology, already adopted in the X-Trail Hybrid and other Nissan vehicles, ups the ante in office furniture technology freeing workers from the task of arranging chairs.

According to the company, the Intelligent Parking Chair is a promotional project based on Nissan's corporate vision of "enriching people's lives through technology" and it was produced in collaboration with the award-winning creative team BIRDMAN. The goal of the concept is to increase knowledge around the latest technology in Nissan vehicles, and show how that technology can impact daily lives.


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