WEST HARTFORD, Ct. - After nearly nine decades of business, Puritan Furniture is shutting down its business in Connecticut.
In 1931, Puritan began manufacturing living room, dining, and bedroom furniture. It slowly moved away from manufacturing, opting to focus on retail instead. It soon evolved into one of the largest furniture stores in all of New England.
Second-generation owner Bruce Singer said the company relied heavily on the longtime loyalty of its second- and third-generation customers.
“I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of serving so many wonderful customers in Connecticut and surrounding states over the years,” said Singer in a statement. “Including second and third-generation families who shopped with their parents at Puritan when they were kids. I am also thankful for the many dedicated people who have worked with me.”
Puritan will hold a clearance sale January 9. The company doesn't know its official final day yet, but employees have pledged to stay with it until the end.

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