Forget oil, what about timber spills?
August 15, 2011 | 11:06 am CDT

This blog post won't help you make sense of the crazy economy or teach you how to inspire a talented but unmotivated employee, but I came across a fun/interesting story in The Guardian recently (click here to read the story and watch a video.) Earlier this week, a Russian transport ship was hit with heavy seas off the coast of Kent, U.K. and lost about 1,500 tons of sawn timber. Since the accident, huge piles of ocean-soaked lumber have been washing up on the beach, and people have been traveling in droves to haul away some wood.

Although the cargo isn't quite as good as a 2007 wreck that dropped shipping containers filled with BMX motorcycles onto British beaches, who can complain about free wood? If you've got time, check this picture of a big wooden island floating in the Atlantic, or the welcome sign built on the beach. Take a look at a closeup of the lumber, and let me know your professional opinion about the waterlogged wood.

Do you think it's usable? And if such a spill happened near your shop, would you put on some sunscreen and hit the beach for some free timber? What projects would you use it for?

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