CHARLOTTE -- Knapp Connector's FAST is a plastic connector that can be used in all wood materials. Check out the video below.

The connector parts are simply hammered into a biscuit groove. The patented cutting edges are inserted in the longitudinal direction in the material and keep the connector securely and firmly in the groove. If needed, the connection can be reinforced with a few drops of KNAPP-Adhesive PU+.

The connection is immediately load bearing and can be further processed. The FAST connector is suitable for all types of plug-in connections, especially where design or space conditions do not allow the usual sliding connection, or for a very simple self-assembly by the customer. The connector is self-tightening, non-visible and does not require clamping during the assembly. The resilient hook of one part of the connector snaps into the connector head of the other part, thus preventing unintentional displacement of the components. The joint can be glued and permanently fixed or it can be disassembled if left unglued  Knapp Connectors will be exhibiting in Booth # 109 at the Charlotte Wood Pro Expo.  Click HERE to see all exhibitors..

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