Thomas Laville, Laville Cabinets and Closets in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, knows a thing or two about keeping a shop running efficiently. When he decided to start the closets side of his business in 2017, he had to think carefully about the manufacturing process, how to setup his workshop and what machinery to purchase.
After consultation with industry veterans like Eric Marshall, Kitchens and Closets by DEA, and attending tradeshows and working with vendors, he developed a plan. He implemented new software and revamped his ship to include  two Weeke routers, a 5-head moulder from Kentwood, a Pillar Machine M45-4 for mitre doors, and a Homag Ambition edgebander.
Laville will share his experience on how to shore up the shop, making sure you have the right equipment to improve efficiency and productivity, in Closets & Organized Storage magazine’s October 14 webinar - Tech Corner, Purely Shop Talk.
Topics will include the role of the back office in planning; the importance of keeping a clean shop; how to create a lean approach and much more.

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