Wood Industry Market Leader: Kevin McCoy, National Office Furniture
October 23, 2017 | 11:50 am CDT
Kevin McCoy, president, National Office Furniture

“Where we focus, we succeed,” is the mantra of Kevin McCoy, president of National Office Furniture. And under his leadership the contract furniture manufacturer has indeed flourished.

“We just completed our sixth consecutive year of record sales,” McCoy said. “I am very proud of how our organization has responded to challenges, and how we’ve turned adversity into opportunity. I am proud to be associated with such hard-working people that take pride in what they do and what they can achieve as a team.”

McCoy is equally proud of National’s reputation for environmental sustainability. “As an organization, we embraced sustainability before it was popular. We were a leader in adopting the BIFMA level certification and in publishing a Corporate Social Responsibility report that detailed our efforts to be a more sustainably responsible company.”

The message is conveyed to customers. “At National we aim to deliver stylishly affordable furniture that offers superior design, quality, reliability and sustainability,” he said.

“We want to help solve our customers’ design challenges so that their space better serves their organizational needs; helping them work smarter, feel better, and get the most out of their business.”

What also sets the company apart from its competition has been “our focus on our distribution as our best customer,” McCoy said.

“We’ve designed strategies and initiatives that enable growth and profitable sales for our organization and for our dealers,” he added. “We want to take a leadership position in the industry, bringing innovative furniture, technology, and space planning solutions that make National the best place for our distribution, the A&D community, and end-users to place their trust.”

The volunteer and service efforts of National and parent firm Kimball International also are deserving of attention. “We’ve always said that our people are our company, and that becomes very evident when it’s time to give. From personal tragedies to natural disasters, it’s inspiring to see how our employees, our company, and our parent company step in with a giving spirit and help those in need,” McCoy said.

Also noteworthy is the Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program, which gives all employees 8 hours of paid time to allow them to help in their communities.

In McCoy’s free time, he’s an avid skier, boater and dog lover.

Quick Glimpse:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree Syracuse University

Number of years at the company & in the industry: 21 years this coming January

Word that best describes you: Passionate

Business mantra: Where we focus, we succeed.

Best advice: Execute your business plan. Most people plan well, far fewer choose to do the hard work it takes to execute the plan.

Who have you tried to emulate? My father. Whenever I face a difficult decision, be it straight-forward or a moral/ethical quandary, I ask myself what my father would do and found that his example always leads me in the right direction.  I never doubt his ability or desire to do the right thing.  He has been a great example of the benefits of staying true to yourself and sticking to your principles.

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