Marvin Windows' Director Lauded for Industry Contribution

A family business, Marvin Windows and Doors is in its fourth generation of operation. Along with her aunt, two uncles, father, three sisters and eight cousins, Christine Marvin is an active participant in ensuring the fenestration giant remains productive and profitable.

“Such participation points to the commitment we have to continuing family involvement for the strength of our business and communities,” she says. “The family and non-family alike have been very supportive and have encouraged involvement in the company.”

Marvin adds, “I knew from an early age that I wanted to contribute to Marvin. I love this company, our products, the people, the commitment to the communities in which we do business, and the values-based leadership approach taken.”

Her commitment to the industry has resulted in Marvin being named a 2012 Market Leader by Wood & Wood Products magazine.Marvin Windows' Director Lauded for Industry Contribution

Marvin Windows and Doors also was honored recently with a 2012 Family Business Award from Twin Cities Business magazine. Its long-standing leadership role also has been recognized by Builder magazine, which named Bill Marvin one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century building industry. “Bill Marvin died in 2009 at age 92, but his energy lives on in the company he led for 40 years,” Christine Marvin adds.

As director of marketing, Marvin knows well the significance of the company’s achievements since its founding in 1904. They include: the 1979 market reintroduction of the Round Top window by Frank R. Marvin; the 1994 introduction of Integrity Windows and Doors “made with a revolutionary pultruded fiberglass exterior and beautiful wood interior;” and recent developments such as the Ultimate Casement platform offering “high performance at large sizes.”

“We have a long-standing history of innovation and industry firsts. The challenge, which is a fun one and one that we excel at, will be to continue to bring firsts in innovations that add value to the marketplace.”

With a business mantra of “because it is the right thing to do,” Marvin says the company is not content to simply rest on its laurels. “As my Aunt Susan stated, ‘When it comes to making hard decisions, you step back, take yourself out of it, and ask: What will make the business sustainable?’ Our commitment to our customers, employees and communities is at the forefront of our decisions. Because we are family-owned, we can take a long-term view.”

In her free time, Marvin enjoys spending time with her family and friends. “My husband and I enjoy triathlons, hiking and fishing in Warroad, MN,” she adds.

Quick Glimpse

Education: Degree in Psychology, Macalester College; MBA/Integrated Marketing Strategy, University of Denver
Years at the company: 4
Years in the industry: 7
Words that best describe you: Committed to the company and community
• Best advice received: My grandfather always said, “Everybody has a talent; it’s your responsibility as a manager to find out what it is.”
The person you have tried to emulate in business and why: I try to learn from my aunt, uncles and father who have carried the torch from their father and grandfather.


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