ATLANTA -  Milesi says its 275 VOC 2K polyurethane wood coatings meet Calfornia and other low-VOC regulation standards, with extremely higher build, easier sprayability and contain no formaldehyde, unlike typical conventional US 275 VOC products.  
Milesi says its LGA6522 Series 275 VOC Compliant Polyurethanes represent the next generation of wood coating technology, providing the same quality, durability and luxurious feel of its premium polyurethanes but on 275 VOC Compliant platform.
It also offers the highest build of any 275 VOC compliant products, according to Milesi, and is also easy to use, with excellent flow out and leveling. It is very tolerant of temperature and humidity swings, and eliminates blushing issues frequently arising in high humidity situations, as well as the need to add retarders when using in high temperatures.
The Milesi 275 VOC Compliant Clear Polyurethane system is available as a sealer and topcoats in several sheens, and will be presented during IWF 2016 in Atlanta at booth #1553.
Milesi is exhibiting as a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and around the world. Milesi products were born in 1947 in Italy, for the furniture industry, with which its products were developed and perfected through constant interaction with local industry experts and designer. With its presence in North America, the IVM Group says it wants to make Milesi products more available to the North American professional user, and to adapt to this markets requirements.

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