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Giben America recaps excitement around GS 510 CNC debut at IWF 2016

At IWF 2016 in Atlanta, visitors had a chance to get an up-close look at the very anticipated GS Router, a 2016 Challengers Award Finalist. With speed and precision, the GS bridges the gap between nesting on a conventional CNC router and cutting books of panels on a beam saw.

Stiles Machinery lends support to ancient tree program

Stiles Machinery said during its IWF 2016 press conference that it will provide support to the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive,. Based in Copemish, Michigan, the organization propagates some of Earth's oldest trees, including California's giant redwoods, bycloning cuttings of the centuries-old specimens.

IWF TV sponsor Sherwin-Williams showcases at IWF 2016

In addition to an efficient finishing process, IWF TV sponsor Sherwin-Williams says it offers conversion varnishes, lacquers, UV coatings, and a unique universal primer called Sherwood. Joe Kujawski of Sherwin-Williams says Sherwood is great for pigmented finishes, dries quickly, and can have any coating placed over it.