SCM now offers the Morbidelli Cyflex S, a small machining center for vertical drilling, able to produce up to 400 pieces per shift. It is applicable to Batch 1 production, drilling on 5 faces of  the panel with routing and grooving  operations.
The Cyflex S features reduced maintenance of the drilling unit (it is recommended after more than 1000 work-hours), and short machining cycles, and zero downtime for setup operations.  
The CYflex S also switches readily between processing different types of material (MDF, chipboard, panels with soft finishing, etc.) as well as small dimension panels. Cyflex S. It is equipped with a  5.5 kW electro spindle and drilling unit, with 18 independent spindles and a saw-blade able to trim along the whole surface of the panel. 
It can process the following dimensions:                              
  • Length: 7.87" to 120" (200 to 3050 mm)                                                                 
  • Height: 2.75" to 35.43" (70 to 900 mm)                                             
  • Thickness: 0.39" to 2.63" (10 to 60 mm)
The CNC is controlled by Windows-based Xilog Maestro CAD/CAM Software, designed and developed entirely by SCM to allow programming of any element, managing design, and tools and related processes.
The Cyflex S enhances accuracy by automatically reading the workpiece length, a reading that ensures accurate drilling. It is also flexible enough to work already processed pieces (dowels,  toe-kick,  etc.) through a programmable stop allows already processed pieces.
For maximum stability and high machining quality, the Cyflex S features a clamp with a bottom floating opening that does not  need any adjustment, and a table with anti-scratch Bakelite that allows the high quality processing of delicate surfaces. Accuracy in in horizontal drilling is enhanced with dedicated pressure devices. How to reach SCM Group North America.

Below, a video shows a similar machine, the HP model.

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