HANNOVER, Germany - imos AG was in Hannover during Ligna with iX Lab to show for the first time how VR technology can be used to promote sales and how it can be integrated into manufacturing process following Industry 4.0.

During the Woodworking Network Leadership Forum, July 18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees can have a first-hand look at the technology in a presentation entitled, Virtual Reality Too Reality - Linking to Industry 4.0

Software expert Roger Shaw and developer Dick Hullin detail a new platform of visualization software fusing immersive 3D, and that caused a sensation at LIGNA. This application will roll out to the consumer marketplace for many applications over the next 90 days, and will find applications within the manufacturing environment as well.

At Ligna 2017 visitors could try out the virtual reality at the imos AG stand themselves, to see that imos AG views VR as a cutting-edge visualization tool that implements planning results produced using imos software.

The new version of imos software from imos AG marks a break with tradition. Instead of the anticipated imos 13.0 version, the company - based in Herford, Germany – is at LIGNA this year to premiere imos iX 2017 to an audience made up once again of industry representatives from around the world. imos AG is thus rebranding its upcoming and future releases in a clear demonstration of its new focus.

"With imos iX, we're breaking with tradition and underlining that we are continuing to develop our solutions," stresses Winfried Dell, board member for sales and marketing. “We see it as our mission to produce technological innovations, analyze them and make them suitable for use in the industry. The 'i' stands for INNOVATION and INTEGRATION, while the 'X' comes from words such as EXCHANGE and CONNEXION and represents the exchange of data via various applications throughout the sales and manufacturing process. imos iX today is far more than just a CAD/CAM system - it's a complete solution for selling and manufacturing furniture and equipment in networked production and Industry 4.0."

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