Falcon's Caruso sound-absorbing panels will be displayed at NeoCon.
Falcon's Caruso sound-absorbing panels will be displayed at NeoCon.

CHICAGO – NeoCon is the global platform for commercial interiors, and brings the latest products, trends and ideas to market this week, June 12-14 at The Mart in Chicago. The event caters to vertical markets from healthcare to hospitality, and draws interior designers from around the world.

The future of the office will play a major role at the 2017 exhibition. Workplace design has become even more essential as companies are realizing the impact it has on productivity and a company's bottom line.

With Millennials, Generation Z and the gig economy becoming the new way of the workplace, organizations are using their workspaces as one way to attract and retain employees. The rapidly changing landscape is driving a need for new solutions in biophilic design, privacy, adaptable furniture and technology.

According to Byron Morton, vice president leasing, “NeoCon is an invaluable resource for the advancement of commercial interiors. The concepts, trends and solutions introduced at NeoCon each year, really have the power to shape not only the design of these spaces, but also profoundly affect the individuals who live, interact and work within them.”

NeoCon identified four major trends this year. Biophilic Design means that more commercial interiors are taking their cues from nature, incorporating natural
materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of the natural world into the modern built environment. Numerous studies show that this makes employees happier and more productive. NeoCon exhibitors will feature everything from flooring to textiles that address these biophilic design principles.

While privacy is key, so is furniture that fosters collaboration, leading to Adaptic Furnishings, another trend. As the need for versatile, modular and flexible offerings continues to grow, the industry is moving ahead with a myriad of options. From lighting to seating, NeoCon exhibitors will feature the latest reconfigurable and highly adjustable solutions.

Another trend is Acoustic Comfort. According to the Well Building Standards, built environments can harbor sounds that are distracting and disruptive to work or relaxation. Employee surveys show that acoustic problems are a leading source of dissatisfaction within the environmental conditions of an office. NeoCon will offer resources that help mitigate unwanted noise.

New Technology is another trend and is always featured at NeoCon. From VR and AR to new software, wearables and wireless charging, the technology sector is
brimming with exciting new products. This category will have an entire area dedicated to it on the 7th floor exhibition hall and play a major role in the products introduced on floors 3, 10 and 11.

Showroom and exhibitor information can be found using NeoCon’s My Planner tool and the NeoCon App. For news, images and real-time information, follow NeoCon Shows on the following social media channels: Facebook (@NeoConShows), Twitter (@NeoCon_Shows), Instagram (@NeoCon_Shows) and Snapchat (@NeoConShows). See http://www.neocon.com. Visitors can also register on site.

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