MILAN, Italy -- Homag demonstrated a completely autonomous workshop at Xylexpo 2018. The workshop consisted of two cells that are fully automated and interlinked. These two cells were connected by an autonomous helper: an automated guided vehicle (TRANSBOT), organizing all of the parts logistics tasks between the cells and making this workshop concept the first "autonomous cell" in the woodworking sector, according to the company.  Other material handling in the autonomous shop was facilitated by robotics.
Homag's automated guided vehicle (Transbot) plays a key role in the autonomous shop.
The "autonomous cell" can make full use of its flexibility both in skilled crafts and in industry, in series and in batch size 1 production, and opens up previously unknown possibilities in future manufacturing for small and medium-sized companies, said Homag.
Among the advantages of the autonomous shop:
  • Flexible personnel organization thanks to single-person operation
  • Reduced physical exertion by personnel
  • High-performance interlinked material flow
  • Space-saving 
  • Gentle handling of materials and surfaces
  • Parts can be identified by barcode or RFID


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