COLOGNE, Germany - As the leading international fair for the furniture and interior construction industries' supplying sections, interzum has traditionally been associated with stationary spaces, such as houses and apartments, offices, hotels and public buildings.

In the Piazza at the Textile & Machinery segment this coming May, the exhibitors and selected companies will be demonstrating how important interzum is for a new target group: the manufacturers, developers and furnishers of "mobile spaces". Their requirements with regard to fittings and materials differ little from those of their "stationary" colleagues, something which the special event area demonstrates, with the aid of a spectacular eye-catcher, among others.  

In the "Textile & Machinery" segment at interzum 2017, drivers of innovation and quality leaders will showcase high-performance textiles and sophisticated technologies with which to process them. The range spans from climate-regulating cover textiles to weather-resistant outdoor fabrics. In the centre of Hall 10.1, a special area will once again be set up. In 2017, the Piazza takes place under a very special banner headline: "Mobile Spaces". The aim is to demonstrate that in terms of the design, furnishing and fit-out of mobile spaces such as cars, vans, caravans or houseboats, "in addition to new criteria, the same criteria apply as in the stationary segment" – explains Project Manager Matthias Pollmann. "With the Piazza's new theme, we want to offer this target group a closer understanding of how the exhibitors at interzum can inspire and advance their designs."

And the range of mobile spaces is a wide one: stretching from the automotive industry through boats and public transport, such as trains and planes, to tiny houses that, when mounted on wheels or as pick-up versions, can equally serve as "mobile spaces". In order to use the available exhibition space efficiently, the “mobile space” theme will be centred on "mobile space on wheels" at the upcoming edition of interzum – with an international focus. rican tiny homes and

a trailer that doubles as a boat

Alongside a premium motorhome of touring coach proportions and the American trend of "tiny homes," that is to say small, transportable homes, a spectacular dual-use vehicle will also be on show: a caravan from the Kiel-based company Seafarer that can likewise be used as a boat. To demonstrate this innovative dual functionality visually, a pool will be filled with 17,000 litres of water especially for the event. The link to the “materials” topic will be provided by a gallery, where interzum exhibitors’ products that are already used in the mobile space will be on display.

"We want to encourage our international visitors to the Piazza to think in new ways. Because, regardless of how and where a space is located, it is still a space that has to fulfil whatever function it has for the people using it", says Matthias Pollmann. "At the special event, we want to give creative professionals and decision makers from the mobile segment a flavour of the many different options offered by the innovations from the furniture and interior construction industries' supplying sections". Equally, exhibitors who have already established themselves in the stationary space can meet a whole new target group here.

"In summary, we always seek to demonstrate that interzum is the ideal platform to make new contacts from all disciplines on the working with 'space'", says Matthias Pollmann. "The 'Mobile Spaces' theme is ideally suited for that and I would expect the potential for it to develop well beyond interzum 2017."

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