IMA Schelling America has been a combined branch of both IMA Klesseman GmbH (Germany) and Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH since 2007. The two companies officially became one and have revealed their new corporate logo as the IMA Schelling Group in Hannover, Germany at Ligna. This marks the first time IMA and Schelling are branded together worldwide.  The individual company logos have been updated to now visually coordinate as well.

As Schelling celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year, the creation of this logo represents unity between the two companies, as well as the amount of endurance and adaptability they have withheld in the industry. IMA and Schelling each provide complementary technologies that will continue to carry them into the future.

IMA Schelling Group USA will open its doors October 5-6, inviting customers and visitors to join in celebration of the event.  They highly value their loyal customers and the long-lasting relationships they have built over the years. Without them, the IMA Schelling Group would not be where they are today

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