CHICAGO – The spaces in which we gather to work today are diverse and changing. At NeoCon 2017, Nucraft is inviting guests to experience the variety of unique and innovative solutions developed by Nucraft to help organizations thrive as they meet the challenges of change.
“In light of the trends that are defining today’s workplace,” says Nucraft CEO Matt Schad, “our guests can immerse themselves in complete, purposeful environments that go far beyond product displays. After all, people need spaces that not only support work, but also inspire creativity, community, and collaboration.”
With that in mind, Nucraft’s showroom encouraged designers to think differently about the changing landscape of meeting space and finish needs—and about the possibilities in the places people gather. For designers, our NeoCon showroom experience will spark insights and ideas that fuel their own work projects.
From new products, to the blend of new surface materials, to the artwork on the walls, the showroom is a curated environment that feels intentional, comfortable, and inspirational.
“Nucraft has always been a leader in providing meeting and casegoods solutions that enhance both collaborative and individual work processes,” says Schad. “Our leadership continues this year with important new products, product enhancements, innovative technology integration for community space, and refined finishes that reflect the influence of home and hospitality.”

New Product: Baja tables, designed by Joey Ruiter

At last year’s NeoCon, Nucraft unveiled a preview of Baja tables. “We offered designers the opportunity to collaborate with us and impact the final product,” says Schad. Baja is a perfect example of how we consult with designers and incorporate expert input to help ensure we are meeting customer needs.” 
Baja is designed by Joey Ruiter to be a striking, signature piece to enhance interactions in conference rooms, lounge spaces, and team areas—wherever people gather and engage.

“resimercial” furniture

Baja meets the increasing demand for “resimercial” furniture that incorporates the familiar elements of the home into the office, addressing the growing need for comfort in the workplace. Its slender, sloping top accentuates the table’s graceful airiness, giving Baja an appropriate scale for casual or formal collaborative spaces—or a home’s dining room.
The sturdy, chromed wire-frame leg design complements the table’s sculptural lines and light scale. The top wraps around a slightly sloped hardwood edge for a seamless design that’s easy on the arms. The underside is a finished surface wrapped in a special thermoplastic polymer resin to make it soft to the touch.

wrong-colored screws a big deal

“I wanted the Baja table to be as simple as a surfboard, clean top and bottom, beauty in form and function. Every detail of the table bottom had to be rethought, from the fasteners to the finishes,” says designer Joey Ruiter. “Every part matters. The wrong-colored screw would be a big deal.”
Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and finishes, Baja is like a blank canvas for designers. The simple menu of design options can give the table a different look and feel depending on how they are combined.
New product: Cambium casegoods
Increasingly, customers are expressing a need for less complex, more customizable casegoods experiences. For this changing market, Nucraft introduces Cambium. With its contemporary design and thoughtful engineering, Cambium offers the style, value, and performance professionals expect. With an attention to detail that reflects today’s design sensibilities, Cambium is focused on function and visual integrity. It simplifies and streamlines design, planning, and specification because the vocabulary is curated and concise. It offers the basic casegoods functions customers ask for, all done beautifully, all with sensitivity to price. Trim and linear, each component can integrate with the others and can be customized to fit both space and user.
Optional height-adjustable bases and work surfaces enhance the ergonomics of private offices, provide flexibility, and address the well-being of the user. Overhead choices include single- and double-height open shelves. Wall-mount overheads and back panels that extend below the work surface create a clean backdrop with no visual seams, while a continuous brushless wire management channel allows for easy routing of cables.
“Cambium is the perfect embodiment of a scalable casegood,” Schad says. “It can be configured to fit unique spaces while promoting well-being,
collaboration, and productivity in the private office.”

New finishes

Nucraft will feature 17 new materials to realize a designer’s vision of impeccable design. The collection was created with specific attention to highlighting the beauty of the grain for a tactile and engaging experience, while the painted metals harken back to ancient techniques of metallurgy.

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