Hardware and component manufacturer Doug Mockett recently announced its 31st Annual Design Competition Winners.

The unique program, one of the earliest examples of "crowd sourced" invention, invites designers from around the world to create new hardware components. Winners see their products manufactured and distributed by Doug Mockett, and receive a commission on sales.

"Of this year's four winning entries, three were by students  that were urged to enter by their professor after completing the project as part of an assignment," says Billy Peele, marketing manager at Doug Mockett. The program is open to everyone.

"In our 31 years of hosting the Annual Design Competition, we are still blown away by the amazing submissions we receive," Peele says. "Every year, we still are somehow surprised by the original, the ingenuity, and the downright inspiring designs that come in. We are humbled that this little design contest of ours has grown to such great heights and now has a reach that extends all over the globe."

Read more about the winners - www.mockett.com/2016-design-competition   Enter the next competition - www.mockett.com/design-competition

The competition is also an opportunity to see the new website at Doug Mockett.

"It seemed a simple enough request a year or so ago, I thought," says Douglas A.J. Mockett, President. "Say, why don't we create a new website? After all, how hard can it be?"

Many thousands of day, night and weekend man hours later, countless Web Design meetings, input from outside design/IT consultants and every employee, the new Mockett website is launched.


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