ALGERIA and VIETNAM - The first half of 2017 showed to be successful for Dieffenbacher with well-filled order books before the Ligna trade fair in May. The company’s new stand at Ligna reflected that success as it presented numerous new developments and solutions for complete production plants and plant modernization. 
By the end of the second quarter, three additional projects were booked including the Algerian company, Bigstar, via its subsidiary Panneaux d'Algérie who entrusted Dieffenbacher with the delivery of a complete MDF plant with CPS+ marking Dieffenbacher's first greenfield project on African soil and the first continuous press operating in North Africa.
Proving to be an example of the versatile applications of the CPS+, the plant concept is designed specifically for smaller capacities and can be an ideal entry-level system for the wood-based panel market. Although Bigstar has been active in the wood-based panel trade for many years, it had never produced its own materials before this project.
“There is a rising demand for MDF boards in Algeria, and imports from other countries are becoming increasingly costly,” explained Bigstar CEO, Guelai Mohamed Chiheb. “We have been considering producing our own materials for a long time for this reason, and Dieffenbacher SWPM has given us the perfect concept to do so." 
The 6 ft. wide, 14.5 m long CPS+ for Bigstar will be supplied from Eppingen while Dieffenbacher SWPM will be responsible for the remainder of the scope of supply and for project management. Assembly will begin in the second quarter of 2018 year with an expected production capacity of 250 cubic meters per day.
Also signing a contract for a complete MDF plant with CPS+ in the second quarter is the Vietnamese company, Thien Lam Dat JSC. In addition, Kronospan ordered the core package of an OSB plant where a CPS+ will replace the multi-opening press for its Sanem site in Luxembourg.
"We are extremely satisfied with our progress and look confidently ahead to the future,” said Christian Dieffenbacher reflecting on the first half-year’s success. “We expect a significant increase in sales for the whole of 2017."

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