LACEY, Wash. - Jake Cuzdey, a former contractor, has redesigned the hand-held saw with his patented Straight Flush Saw.
Cuzdey says that as the construction industry continues to innovate, the design of the hand-held circular saw has not changed since first introduced in 1927.
Now, the conractor, entrepreneur, and 15-year veteran of the construction industry has redesigned the hand-held saw with his patented Straight Flush Saw. Cuzdey believes his work revolutionizes the construction industry by bringing the basic personal building tool up to date with modern building materials and techniques while also improving worker safety. This new saw is made of lighter magnesium materials and, he says, offers more versatility and functionality over any existing saw on the market today.
This second generation saw replaces the older more time consuming and less accurate saws. The idea is that using the new Straight Flush Saw saves money because wood-cutting is completed almost 8 times faster than with the single cut saw, while also reducing material waste. Difficult corner cuts are finished four times faster than using outdated saws.
Cuzdey estimates the Straight Flush reduces construction costs by an estimated 30%. It's been extensively field tested by construction workers on the job and has been favorably received at trade shows and orders have been requested once mass production begins. He argues that the global circular saw market will benefit greatly from this next generation of hand-held portable saws. The final step in this product launch is to arrange the financing necessary to underwrite the first production run.
The Straight Flush Saw was designed to be more versatile than these other cutting tools on the jobsite and will always be within arm’s reach.
Owning a Straight Flush Saw puts one powerful circular saw in your hands, but it’s the additional cuts that make this tool
• Cuts stacked 2x4’s in single pass
• Plunge cut through 2x4 board
• Twist the Handle to undercut
• Max bevel cut : 65 degrees 
• Min bevel cut : -5 degrees - protects wall board in flush cuts    Straight Flush Saw >>

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