Andy Boynton, Dean, Boston College's Carroll School of Management
Andy Boynton, Dean, Boston College's Carroll School of Management

It happens in almost all successful businesses seeking to get to the next level--executives ask how can they break through barriers inside and outside the firm to generate real growth?  Research across many industries reveals some common challenges facing successful firms. Despite all the positives associated with running a successful business, success can be a barrier to change by putting constraints or even the breaks on how leadership thinks about or pursues new ideas or opportunities for growth. This struggle and tension between keeping a good thing going and the status quo and finding new directions for a business has been called the "Paradox of Success".  

This "case" based, interactive session will focus on real-world lessons on how managers can break through these barriers. Professor Andy Boynton is one of the leading strategists and executive development facilitators in the world.  The session will provide a short burst of management prescription aimed at topics essential to unleashing growth in many organizations:

  • The role of leadership in setting a vision that unleashes talent and innovation.
  • Uncovering new ways to think about delivering customer value that customers really value!
  • Does your firm have a real strategy? (What strategy is, what it is not, and why it matters)
  • How leaders can mobilize talent and build momentum for flawless execution. 

We hope that you will join us for this exciting session and event. For a complete listing of the schedule of events, program highlights, and to take advantage of the early bird registration rate, click here.     


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