Allseating advances seating designs at NeoCon 2018
June 12, 2018 | 10:23 am CDT
Designer Nick Gillisie with his Exchange seating at NeoCon 2018 in Chicago.

Photo By Bill Esler

CHICAGO   —Allseating is showing the  newest  version  of  its  Exchange  Collection, designed  by  Nick  Gillissie  in  collaboration  with  Allseating,  Exchange  is  a  modular  soft  seating  system  that  responds  to  the  demand  for  furniture  that  supports  both  active  work  and  relaxation  in  today’s  constantly  evolving  corporate,  education,  and  healthcare  environments.  
“The  Exchange  Collection  was  designed  with  simple,  but  powerful  intent:  flexibility,”  says  Nick  Gillissie,  Founder  of  Nick  Gillissie  Industrial  Design.  “The  first  Exchange  collection  was  about  the  needs  of  the  moment,  but  the  latest  version  of  Exchange  is  about  the  needs  of  the  day.  The  21st-century  end-user  does  not  want  to  be  tied  down  by  restrictive  design—they  want  the  freedom  to  set  up  spaces  that  are  useful,  elegant,  and  interchangeable.  Exchange  is  not  just  a  place  to  sit,  but  a  destination  with  everything  needed  to  comfortably  work  for  an  extended  period  of  time.  The  first  collection  provided  the  building  blocks,  but  this  second  collection  provides  the  functionality.”  
Designer Carl Gustav Magnusson with his debut of the Zinc stool at Allseating showroom at NeoCon 2018. 
Also debuting is the Zinc Collection, Allseating's second collaboration with iconic industrial designer, Carl Gustav Magnusson. Characterized by a visually inviting shell, elegant and unique legs, and carefully considered details, Zinc is a timeless seating solution for institutional, commercial, and indoor/outdoor settings.
When conceiving Zinc for Allseating, Magnusson says he strove for a visually simple chair that would not only look proper as a standalone, but also grouped in larger settings. Zinc’s classic elegance is a direct result of Magnusson’s design philosophy - to “avoid style, as that inevitably falls out of style.” Immune to the passing trends, Zinc is a classic in nature, considerate and ergonomic.
“Style is the antithesis of design; it comes in and goes out. Our intention remains to create elegant and ergonomically correct seating solutions that are classic, yet simple in appearance,” says Magnusson, who is founder of Carl Gustav Magnusson Design. “We created a product that exemplifies ‘timeless’ while simultaneously providing comfort, whether you are seated for five minutes or five hours.”
Zinc was designed with the intent of providing comfort to both short-term and long-term users. Available in 14 different colors, its single shell incorporates a sinuous curve, which reinforces the natural seating position, and an optional looped arm available for additional support. The shell is complemented by
multiple base offerings, including a standard four-legged base; a sled base; and a wooden quad pod.
“Carl’s technical skills, paired with an unparalleled spirit for design, continues to inspire us,” says Gary Neil, CEO of Allseating. “Zinc is exemplary of Carl’s dedication to creating products that are designed for long-term use—both in durability and aesthetics.”
The  Exchange  Collection  is  an  achievement  in  both  aesthetics  and  engineering.  The  first  of  its  kind  on  the  market,  the  system  is  comprised  of  just  seven  injection-molded  plastic  components  and  a  series  of  support  rails,  which  allow  the  user  to  create  2,725  possible  configurations  to  fit  various  space  requirements  or  preferences.  From  single  chairs,  to  banquettes,  to  open-plan  collaborative  enclosures,  companies  can  adjust  the  system  to  suit  the  ever-changing  needs  of  their  employees.  Exchange’s  understated  modern  aesthetic,  as  well  as  its  versatile  sizing,  allows  for  visual  and  functional  continuity  between  soft  seating  applications  across  the  board,  from  reception  to  cafeteria.  
Exchange  is  strategically  designed  to  account  for  future  additions  to  the  system.  In  concepting  the  injection-molded  plastic  core,  Gillissie  thought  to  include  spaces  not  yet  necessary,  but  that  will  serve  a  valuable  purpose  in  future  workplaces  as  styles  continue  to  evolve.  Exchange  enhances  its  ability  to  fit  seamlessly  into  a  variety  of  office  schemes  with  its  latest  additions,  which  include  laptop  tables  available  in  16  paint  colors  and  13  laminate  options,  and  three  additional  leg  offerings—walnut  legs  with  metal  accents,  a  chrome  wire  base,  and  chrome  flat  bar  legs.  Additionally,  Exchange  has  expanded  to  include  36-inch  tables  and  power-enabled  120-degree  tables  to  support  serpentine  configurations.  
For more than 30 years, Toronto-based Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational, hospitality and healthcare industries. Its 100,000 square foot facility in Toronto is home to a broad line of seating solutions.

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