Spray Finishing Technology Workshop

About the Event:

A three-day training program sponsored by Owens Community College and Finishing Brands, a Carlisle Co. 
Topics for the Spray Finishing Technology Workshop include equipment types and selection; equipment set-up, operation, and maintenance; surface preparation and defect analysis; material selection; and safety and regulatory concerns. Attendees should be involved with industrial, contractor, or maintenance spray finishing applications, or spray equipment sales and distribution.
To register, or for additional information, contact Jaime Wineland, Owens Community College, Workforce and Community Services Division by e-mail: sprayworkshop@netscape.net or by toll-free phone at: 800-466-9367, ext.7320. 
Time: to


Owens Community College

Toledo, OH


Contacts: Jaime Wineland, Owens Community College

Website: https://www.owens.edu/workforce_cs/spray2014-brochure.pdf

Email: sprayworkshop@netscape.net

Phone: 800-466-9367, ext. 7320


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