January 1
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Online Wood-based Composites Science Short Course Series

Sponsored by Oregon State University Professional and Noncredit Education

About the Event:

Offered through a collaboration with Oregon State University and the Wood-Based Composites Center, this continuing education series is designed for mill operators, technical professionals and suppliers to the wood-based composites industry WITHOUT THE TRAVEL. Self-paced, online short course modules include the following: Wood Structure Wood Adhesion Science and Technology Wood and Water Relationships Strand-based Composite Manufacturing Applied Statistics and Data Analysis Practical Wood Adhesives Technology

Cost: $300/module (Members of the Wood-Based Composites Center receive at 25% discount)

Time: to




United States


Contacts: Linda

Website: www.wbc.vt.edu

Email: lcaudill@vt.edu

Phone: 540-231-7092


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