Lockdowel Open House

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About the Event:

Lockdowel invites Cabinet and Furniture Makers to see how "Lockdowel Makes Assembly Simple" at our Open House featuring our new 9,000 sq/ft showroom.Participants will see how using Lockdowel fastening makes cabinet and furniture manufacturing simple: 1) Eliminates glue and screws. 2) Completes jobs in a third of the time. 3) Enables lean manufacturing using a less manpower, fewer materials and saving valuable floor space! Everyone is invited to build a cabinet using Lockdowel assembly to see how simple it can be! Each day offers two, four-hour sessions, including lunch from noon to 1 pm and FREE for all registered participants. Members of the media are welcome! --Demo kits avaialble. --Sign up for a free hour of consulting. --Tour Lockdowel. --Meet Lockdowel's Leadership. --Q and A welcomed. ,

Cost: $Free



Lockdowel Headquarters

41920 Christy Street

Fremont, CA 94538

United States


Contacts: Dick Brown

Email: [email protected]


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