14th Wood Adhesion Short Course
Sponsored by Wood-Based Composites Center

About the Event:

Offered by the Wood-Based Composites I/UCRC since 1999. What you will learn: Why does glue stick? What makes wood unique when it comes to gluing it together?

The adhesive bonding of wood is becoming increasingly important as large timber becomes more and more scarce. Industries are adopting new technologies to bond wood pieces into larger elements such as flat panels, structural beams, finger-jointed lumber, furniture parts, etc. Industry professionals need to learn more about wood material science and the science of wood adhesion to effectively troubleshoot wood bonding problems and adopt new technologies.

During the course, you will learn about the:

• Basic structure of hardwoods and softwoods

• Theories of adhesion

• Material properties of wood

• Impact of wood’s microstructure on adhesion 

• Common wood adhesives in use today

• Influence of moisture on adhesion

• Penetration and distribution of adhesives 

• Fracture and testing of bonded wood  

• Surface properties and bonding of wood 

This short course will introduce the basic concepts of adhesion, and then build on these concepts with specific attention to wood. Upon completion of the course, participants will better understand the unique bonding characteristics of wood. They will be better prepared to analyze existing problems and performance, and evaluate new applications.

About the Instructors:
Dr. Chip Frazier is the Thomas M. Brooks Professor in the Department of Sustainable
Biomaterials at Virginia Tech and is the Co-Director of the Wood-Based Composites
Center. He specializes in adhesives and adhesion.
Dr. Fred Kamke is Professor and JELD-WEN Chair of Wood-based Composites Science
in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering at Oregon State University. He is
the Co-Director of the Wood-Based Composites Center. Dr. Kamke specializes in
composite manufacture, resin penetration and distribution, and wood and water
.Dr. John Nairn is Professor and Richardson Chair in the Department of Wood Science
and Engineering at Oregon State University. He specializes in mechanics and fracture of
wood and wood-based composites. Before coming to Oregon, he specialized in
deformation and fracture of polymers and polymer-based composites.


$775 ($580 for members of the WBC Center)


August 9, 2017 | 12:00 am CDT to August 10, 2017 | 12:00 am CDT


Oregon State University

United States



Linda Caudill

Website: http://.wbc.vt.edu

Email: lcaudill@vt.edu

Phone: 5402317092