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2020 webinar: Discover the new solution for cabinetmakers

Cabinetmakers, this one is for you. 2020 invites you to discover its all-in-one solution that combines a design tool with a fully engineered product catalog to generate production information, including optimization and CNC machine data. Design. Sell. Produce. – with a single solution. Learn about 2020's new solution for cabinetmakers in a Woodworking Network webinar to be presented on September 21 at 2 p.m. Eastern. 2020 Maker allows you to draw your design, generate professional renderings, and create quotes, reports, and all files needed to manufacture your product.


Education to open doors - with Patrick Molzahn

Episode Summary Will Sampson talks about his own early woodworking education and how learning about woodworking can open doors. His guest is Patrick Molzahn, woodworking educator and author of the Sixth Edition of Modern Cabinetmaking, a groundbreaking new multi-media textbook for woodworking.  


What do you value - with Jeff Finney

Will Sampson talks about the tricky equation of calculating value in business and in life. He continues his interview with Jeff Finney, owner and CEO of Ultimate Cabinets and The Push Thru, LLC, and author of a new book titled “That’s it, I’m Fired.”