WILMINGTON, Del. - With the introduction of the Qi compatible iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8S models, the DuPont Corian charging surface offers an alternative to standard cords and wires. The built-in Qi receivers eliminates the need for an external receiver such as a charging ring allowing the new models to be charged by placing them directly onto the charging spot on the charging surface.
The "dual mode" Corian charging surface is a forward compatible device and is designed to work with both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standard. The device is installed just underneath the surface of any Corian solid surface or quartz product from Corian Design by a certified fabricator. The transmitter is specifically engineered to transmit through Corian Design surfaces with magnetic induction.
The Corian charging surface is a smart alternative to standard charging pads in places where cleanliness is of utmost importance and wires are not practical. Users will enjoy the same charging speeds as a typical wired charger simply by placing their phone on the surface in the designated spot.
"Our functionally designed surfaces can stand up to commercial grade cleaners commonly used in commercial environments, in addition the charging device is undermounted creating a seamless surface area where there is no place for germs to hide," said Julie Eaton, global business director for Corian Design at DuPont. "The convenience of wireless charging coupled with ease-of-maintenance is especially ideal for high-traffic areas."

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