Stiles Machinery introduces The Bargstedt IntelliStore system, an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry. The IntelliStore system  is completely automated and loads, retrieves, stacks and feeds the right panel stock for each job and evaluates the remaining material for reuse, says the company. It can run during an off-shift to replenish incoming boards or pre-sort for the next day’s production. IntelliStore is designed to increase machine capacity, reduce material damage, save time and labor, provide board supplier verification, and prioritize orders based on the picking location to increase production speed, says the manufacturer. Benefits include reduced inventory plus increased inventory knowledge, which allows just-in-time purchasing plus reduced storage and space. The system offers automatic size and weight recognition, verified every time the system handles a board. The system also features Intelligent Learning and  parameters can be established to change storage strategies.

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