The ShopBot Buddy is a small footprint CNC machine designed for industrial, commercial or residential applications cutting wood, acrylic and non-ferrous metals, incorporating many of the same features as ShopBot's full size systems, while weighing less than 600 lbs. and occupying a space of 16 sq. ft. Buddies are available with a 24" by 32" work area or a 24" by 48" work area and are pre-assembled and ready to use.  The Buddy applications include precise cutting and milling applications and detailed 3-D carving. The Buddy is available in a PRS standard version and a PRS alpha production version. The Alpha provides increased speed for some operations and a feed-back loop for positioning. All models are equipped with a Z-Zeroing place for accurate tool position setup, Dust Skirt for control and removal of waste, ShopBot CNC Control Software, ShopBot PartWorks Design Software and Get Carving Quickly project files and tutorials. Every Buddy is equipped with PowerStick technology, a system for configuring Buddy to various work lengths or to provide a system for swapping out one deck with another. PowerSticks are available with working lengths from 2' to 8'.

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