The new non-marring LCD Moisture Meter with Tricolor Bar Graph, model MMD7NP, from General Tools & Instruments will be displayed at IWF 2012 in Booth 4556. It features a backlit display and delivers a wide measurement range, deep measurement depth and fine material definition, says the company. The MMD7NP measures the moisture content of wood and will differentiate between hardwood and softwood. This is helpful for selecting dry timber at the lumberyard as well as checking the moisture content of drywall, masonry or concrete and for detecting moisture below the surface of carpets and subflooring, says the company. As a pinless model, the instrument acquires readings via a non-invasive method and will not mar wood or other materials including finished surfaces. The MMD7NP has a measurement range of 0 to 53% for hardwood and 0 to 35% for soft wood with an accuracy of +/-4%.  Two buttons on the front of the MMD7NP provide a way to switch the measurement mode to match the material (i.e., hardwood, softwood, drywall or masonry). The name of the selected material appears on the backlit LCD along with the moisture level reading as a percentage. Below the LCD, a bank of colored LEDs roughly mirrors the digital reading in bar graph format, with green indicating “dry,” red indicating “wet” and yellow indicating an intermediate moisture level.


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