Stiles Machinery presents Holzma’s new panel labeling system and feed stacking table with integrated in-feed. The panel labeling system labels the panel before it is cut. The label contains all the information required for subsequent parts identification. Working independently of the saw, the panel labeling system allows previously unused time to be used for advanced labeling and stacking, says the company. It is available as an add-on stand-alone solution for all Holzma saws and can be  retrofitted.  The new panel labeling system can be combined with the feed stacking table with integrated in-feed. The panel is placed on the feed stacking table and then fed directly to the saw, eliminating interruption in the work flow. The panel labelling system can be installed above the feed-stacking table. The panel is deposited on the feed-stacking table, labelled and then automatically transported to the rear machine table of the saw. The saw’s program fence, which is equipped with clamps that can be raised and lowered, then moves behind the panel and retrieves it just in time for cutting. This solution is available and retrofittable for all profiLine saws in the 2 through 5 series.

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