Ghostud is a wall anchor system that acts as a stud. Users can install Ghostud and drill the mounting screws directly into and anywhere along the Ghostud to securely install cabinets, closet organizers, access bars, towel bars, mirrors, stair railings, large or heavy artwork and more. Ghostud eliminates the need for unsightly rail or floor-mounted support for cabinet or closet installation, says the company. To install, users drill a hole of the diameter specified for the Ghostud or Super Ghostud and insert the Ghostud bar so it is behind the wallboard or plaster. After tightening the Ghostud core to the bar, the area is secure and will accept screws or fasteners. Regular Ghostud can hold about 200 lbs. of
down-shear force; Super Ghostud can hold up to 250 lbs. of down-shear force.

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