Thermwood Corp., founder of eCabinet Systems, announces the release of a new update for their current software Version 6, with numerous new features, including a new construction joint, the Lock Dado. The new construction method is comprised of eCabinet Systems’ blind dado design and incorporates the Hafele Rafix knock-down fasteners. The Lock Dado joint gives the quick assembly of the Rafix fastener but also adds the strength of the blind dado joint. The fasteners can be used as a way of holding the pieces together instead of clamps if using glue, but no glue is necessary, so replacement part installation is quick and easy, says the company. Other additions are the ability to add integrated drawer slide holes such as those used by MetaBox to back side and drawer fronts, as well as the ability to add edge banding to stretchers. The update can be downloaded at and will work as a new install or an update.

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