Delcam introduces ArtCAM Insignia 2011 R2 CADCAM software, which provides furniture, cabinetry and architectural millwork manufacturers with a 3D modeling and CNC/laser machining software package. The software can be used to simultaneously drill holes for cabinetry, create male and female inlays and nest items to be cut according to their true shape (while allowing for left over material dimensions to be saved) but also transform 2D designs into 3D shapes, ideal for decorative furniture, says the company. Insignia R2’s new 3D shape creation tools can instantly convert vector artwork (line drawings) into a multitude of 3D shapes with the use of the Shape Editor tool. Other tools include The Two Rail Sweep tool, Texture Relief tool, Smooth tool, Smooth Sculpting tool and the Erase Sculpting tool. A Toolpath Template enables users to apply previously defined machining strategies, cutting tools and machining parameters to named layers within the imported file.

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