EcoDomo LLC  introduces Andeline Leather Veneer,  made from recycled leather finished into sheets or rolls,  which are 1/64” thick.   Offering an alternative to wood veneer, the Andeline Leather Collection features eight colors and styles with customization for special cuts, textures and colors also available. The Andeline Leather Veneer offers a unique, tested resistance to chemical staining and liquids such as bleach and oils,  and abrasion, says the company. The leather veneer can be installed and maintained in the same way as a wood veneer.  Applications include doors, walls, cabinets,  wainscoting, panels and tabletops.  Like all EcoDomo lines, it may contribute to LEED points, according to the manufacturer. Available in stock or custom colors and  textures, the leather veneer comes in 57” wide rolls, 57” by 39” sheets or cut-to-size and also pre-laminated onto 4’ by 4’ panels or other base material.

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