EdgeCo says its Multi-Layered Thick Wood Edgebanding will add value and enhance your products appearance. Available in continuous finger jointed coils or without finger joints in one piece veneered strips. Stocking program includes ash, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, red oak, walnut, white oak and sapelli. Rolls are 328’ and strips are 96”. Utilizing high capacity presses, fine quality face and multi-layers of the same species are laminated together with formaldehyde free PVA adhesive; the process guarantees coil flexibility, reduced coil memory and excellent machining qualities. Grain and color finger joints are produced utilizing state of the art technology. To reduce production time the face is fine sanded with 180 grit and 40 grit on the reverse side to ensure a reliable bonding surface. Calibrated sanding insures consistent thickness. Minimum order: one roll or one box of 40 strips. Custom orders are available in veneer species from Afrormosia to Zebrawood.

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